Why We Only Use Fully Tracked Services

Why Not A Cheaper Service?

Even before the global pandemic delivery within the UK and worldwide wasn't 100% successful all of the time and this was generally down to the level of service which wasn't a fully tracked option. In a world of amazon and next day we thought it would be better to offer a fast but only delivery confirmation service within the UK.

Turns out people still didn't even get items when they where scanned as delivered. Not to mention no updates as it travels towards its destination and no SMS updates on when you could even expect it. Royal Mail counts something as lost after 10 working days (14 calendar days) and then we would have to file and claim it back.

Lose Lose scenario for both us and lovely customers that where already bearing with us through Covid and no staff. So no we have fully tracked 24/48 hr services and international tracked services which are a cheaper alternative to couriers but still offering tracking all the way through the journey.

Tempting as it is to send something untracked to the USA for £3.50 then if it doesn't arrive no one is happy and no way of knowing where anything is.