Do you ship worldwide?

The short answer is Yes! We ship worldwide but it varies which options you have in each country and the cost. 

International Shipping

The standard shipping we offer is £9.99 for most countries outside of the UK. This is done through the national postal service in the UK (Royal Mail) working with your countries local postal service to get it to you. 

This service varies in times with an aim of 3-6 days to the EU / 7-10 days rest of the world. This is not available for all countries though as some have a proven track record of terrible service including lots of lost items. Saudi Arabia is a good example so we use Couriers Instead.

Courier options are the most reliable way but still not guaranteed at the moment with Covid how it is. We use FedEx and UPS mostly as they offer the most competitive rates and collect from us.

Can I Arrange My Own Collection?

Yes, we are happy for you to arrange your own shipping but please message us first and then we can invoice you and let you know when your item will be ready to collect.